Paws Rescue Qatar - Flight Angels

What Is a Flight Angel?

A flight angel is someone who will take an animal as accompanied baggage to its new home.

We are always looking for flight angels who can take a dog or cat to their new home overseas. This helps bring down the costs when we are exporting animals overseas to their new adoptive family.

How It Works

1. We need a copy of your flight details and a copy of your passport.

2. With these papers we can then book the animal on the same flight as you and get export papers for the animal.

3. We will meet you at the airport in Doha (Qatar), and when you check-in, we will check in the animal as well.

4. We then pay for his/her ticket and you can go to the departure hall.

5. We stay with the animal until it’s time to check him/her in.

6. Once you arrive at your destination, the animal will be brought to you when you pick up your luggage.

7. At arrival one of our team members will be waiting for you to have the animal handed over to them.


Paws Rescue Qatar - Flight Angels