Paws Rescue Qatar - Foster An Animal

Welcome! You are on the right path to being the recipient of one of the most precious experiences in life – the love and gratitude of an animal!

We have some wonderful animals that are just waiting to find their forever home, which with a few more mouse clicks, might be yours.

All our animals are fully vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed and some of them are also already rabies tested which means they are travel ready for the UK. You can find profile of them here:

Because it can be expensive to get animals ready for the UK, we try and only prepare our animals for UK travel once someone falls in love with them. You can find the profiles of many more animals here which we could get ready for UK travel:

If you are interested in adopting any of our animals, please complete the Adoption Application Form.


Adoption Donation

We charge an adoption donation to cover the costs of looking after and treating the dogs and cats we rescue and of course their travel to the UK.

For dogs this is £400/ €450.  This includes the dogs first vaccinations (primary V7 and booster and a rabies vaccination), microchip, deworming as per a dog’s schedule, and any treatment the dog has needed in our care.

For cats this is £250/ €300. This includes the cat’s first vaccinations (primary tri cat and booster and a rabies vaccination), microchip, deworming as per a cat’s schedule, and any treatment the cat has needed in our care.

Often, the adoption donation only covers part of the costs of caring for and transporting the dog or cat but should ever there be money left over, then this will be used towards feeding and medicating other animals in our care, and of course rescuing those in need. Thank you!


We rely on flight buddies to fly over our animals so this means the animals arrive at an airport where the human air passenger is travelling to. As part of our transportation, we try to bring the animal as close as possible to you. Often up to five animals travel together and it’s not always possible to drop off each at their new homes as these could be from Land’s End to John O’Groats. We will work with you in finding a suitable meeting point from where we would ask your help to meet us and take your new family member home.
When travelling, the animals come in special airline approved crates which we have purchased. It would be hugely helpful to us to try and return these crates to us for other animals. We will try and organise this when speaking to you about your animal’s trip.