Who Are We?

Paws Rescue UK was registered with the charity commission in 2018 and acts as a platform for Paws Rescue Qatar to re-home abandoned cats and dogs from Qatar to loving forever homes in the UK, Europe and other international destinations.


Being a desert country where summer temperatures reach beyond 50 degrees Celsius and which only harbours natural habitats for desert animals, it is not a country where cats and dogs would have found themselves if they had not been brought in by people. Today, Qatar is home to an estimated 10,000 street cats and dogs. Due to cultural attitudes or religious beliefs, these animals are not welcome by the vast number of the people they share their space with.

Many animals are born on the street and grow up in our feeding colonies where we try and keep on top with TNR (trap, neuter, release/rehome). A large portion of animals start off their life as pets though but sadly soon find themselves on the streets. The expatriate community is very transient and often pets are not prepared in time to be taken with the family when they leave Qatar.  Others are purchased from local breeders or from the local souq (market) and are often dumped once they have grown out of their cuteness. Certain dog breeds are viewed as desirable status symbols such as Salukis, Huskies, German Shepherds, etc. and these too are often found dumped alongside a street.

We are left with many pure-breed, special needs and mixed breeds to rehabilitate and find homes for, many of whom would never get a chance in Qatar and deserve a chance elsewhere.


Our goal is to help as many animals as possible off the hot and inhospitable streets of Qatar and to find them forever homes. They all deserve the chance of a happy life!

Anyone interested in adopting one of our cats or dogs will be asked to complete an enquiry form so we can match you with a suitable pet.

A home check will be arranged and if all is approved, a reservation fee to hold your animal will need to be paid. We will keep you informed of how your new pet is coming along until finally, a flight date is set. The balance of adoption fee is paid before the flight and your new furry friend will be on their way to your home.

Please contact us for more information.