Paws Rescue Qatar - Alison Caldwell

Alison Caldwell


Animal Rights Activist, adoring mum to non-fluffy and fluffy babies! Nothing will drown out her inner voice when it comes to her passions and values…..nothing. Alison leads the events and fundraising amongst many other duties.

Emily Blenkinsop


She has worked on game reserves in both Kenya and South Africa, which has fuelled her interest in protecting the welfare of both wildlife and domestic animals. She has herself two rescued dogs from Qatar, a husky and a ‘Doha Special’ who have had to share their home with the odd foster that has come through the house. She founded Paws Rescue Qatar with her friend Alison in 2013.

Paws Rescue Qatar - Emily Blenkinsop
Paws Rescue Qatar - Julia Rustom

Julia Rustom

Committee Member

Julia grew up in Canada with a love for animals. Upon her move to Qatar, she dedicated her time to helping with stray animals on a small scale from home. Since joining the PAWS team in April 2015, she has immersed herself in the day-to-day operations of the shelter, often dragging her reluctant young daughter with her to help out.