Bonnie is a very friendly pussycat, she is always the first to hop up onto your knee. Bonnie is used to living with other cats but is equally happy on her own. She has always been an indoor cat [...]


Dear Olivia is one of the most playful cats we ever met. She is constantly at your shoe laces, likes to play football and is generally full of beans. Olivia is used to living with other cats and [...]


18-month old Buddy is a very laid back little man.  He is very sweet, very friendly and likes to be up close.  Buddy has had his nose adjusted so he could breathe better as his nostrils were very [...]


Rescued January 2023 from Paws TNR colony. Was noticed to have what looked like a broken front leg several weeks previous as wasn’t weight bearing. On review of her x rays she was found to [...]


Rescued Nov 2023 had been wandering the streets and was wandering in the road.  Seems she was taken care of by a family who never wanted to ‘own’ her and keep her safe.  Lovely girl, [...]


Rescued May 2023 from the streets wandering and being abused by kids.  Came to Paws as a pup.  Now an adult. Friendly with both people and other dogs, scared of cats but we are unsure how he [...]


Rescued December 2022 from the streets. Lucas is good on leash, he likes to play with other dogs, He is scared of cats, loves to be centre of attention.  Basic training work with Lucas has found [...]


July 2023 she was rescued from The Pearl found wandering. Bria was a family dog and we tracked the family down who didnt want her back.  Bria has had a previous surgery on her front left leg that [...]


In November 2023 she was rescued from an industrial area in Doha with a fracture to her shoulder that healed with cage rest.  Very friendly with people and other dogs.  Kids included.  Playful, [...]


Rescued in September found in an industrial area in Doha wandering alone. Very playful and friendly with other dogs, walks well on a leash, a little shy but with a soft voice and a calm nature he [...]

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